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Back In Time… What I Learned About Coaching, Life and Money Since 2008

I was just looking through some old blog posts and came across this one from 2008 where I was making a case for clarity, for point-blank stating upfront and outright what our beliefs are so that both we and our readers understand just what we’re about… interesting to read it again with new eyes.

Especially in light of how transparent my life has become since that time.

I was already pretty easy with my thoughts and feelings but I can see this post as a pivotal point in my development.

Read it and see what you think…


20th November 2008
I was thinking about beliefs yesterday for an article I’m writing.

As I was thinking, I came to the sudden realisation that for REAL success to happen for any us it is important not only to be 100% crystal clear on our own beliefs (and to live them) but to share those beliefs with others whenever and wherever we can.

After all, our success always lies in our interactions with others.

If we want more money, better health, better relationships, greater education etc we rely on others to get it and, needless to say, those who share our beliefs are those who are most likely to help up achieve our goals.

Funny though, few of us ever share our TRUE beliefs about… anything!

Sure, we write, we youtube, we blog, we Twitter, we facebook, we Myspace and do all the other ‘real time sharing’ stuff but, well, what are we really sharing?

We (myself included) are normally sharing ‘stuff’. Links to stuff mostly.

Yet we never let people ‘in’ and allow them to know what we really believe.

I think this is a BIG mistake and one that, instead of creating true connection with others, keeps us separate. And separateness keeps us struggling… no if’s, no but’s.

Yet, how easy would it be to create a connection if you we just took the simple step of outright telling people upfront, in advance, as often as possible and in as many ways as we can what we are ‘about’. What we believe.

Don’t you think that would change things?

Just a little?

I think it would. In fact, I think that the transparency I’m talking about would take practically ANYONE and make them immediately more attractive, more compelling and more successful.

To put it simply, I believe that it’s easier to develop what marketers call ‘raving fans’ if we move away from a marketing message approach and move toward a transparent ‘what I believe’ statement.

In fact, I’m going to prove it.

First, I’m going to tell you EXACTLY what I believe and then I’m going to challenge YOU with an idea (read the end of this post for the challenge).

So here goes.

Here’s what I believe:

(2008) I believe that the role of a health and fitness professional is one of the most important roles on Earth and that those of us that are called toward this role are in a position to literally change the World.

(I still believe this now. More so than I did then, though my belief is less that the fitness part of my work will change the world and more that my coaching skills will)

(2008) I believe that health and fitness professionals have played the role of poor cousin to the medical community too long and that this must stop. Doctors are, in my opinion, at their most valuable during trauma, but that they have no place in the promotion of health to the general population as long as they remain dependent upon pharmaceutical interventions. To this end, health and fitness professionals need to stop taking orders from medics who, despite having HUGE budgets and a global empire to support them are failing badly. They are more educated but less qualified for this role.

(Again, my position on this has only gotten stronger in the last 4 years. I believe that doctors understand little about health… that said, I believe fitpros that do are a sadly small number, preferring instead to think of tough training as their primary contribution)
(2008) I believe that optimal health can only be achieved with a combined approach that takes into account spirit, mind, mechanics, physiology, individual nutrition, hydration, energy management, endocrine function, rest, recovery, regeneration and respiration. I believe that approaches that do not take into account ALL of these areas are incomplete and, at best, will only serve to improve fitness qualities and not health.

(My last 4 years of education and experience have seriously reinforces this belief. I’m more than happy to use exercise as a tool in my toolbox but I don’t believe that the approach to movement espoused by the largest portion of the fitness industry is the one which will bring about the greatest change in society. It hasn’t worked yet!)

(2008) I believe that there are 3 separate strands in fitness; instructors, personal trainers and coaches. The coaches are those who are already and will continue to make the biggest difference to the world. I define a coach as ‘someone who helps you win by revealing your greatness to yourself’.

Therefore, a coach should not be concerned with following the herd or dogmatically sticking to one single approach but instead, do whatever needs to be done to help the client win. (Winning includes protecting all aspects of client health whilst accomplishing the goals they’ve set. This means that they’ll often STOP the client from exercising if needs be)

(Anyone who knows me will tell you that this approach has gotten stronger and stronger within my business over the last 4 years with an extremely coaching-centric, holistic model that hundreds of trainers a year beat a path to my door to learn. And yes, revealing greatness has led to far greater success too)

(2008) I believe that there is a fitness profession and a fitness industry and that they are not the same. Those in the industry are those that struggle. Those in the profession have a life of success ahead of them.

(This is mostly true, yet on reflection, a lot of poor coaches who jumped on the bootcamp model did very well for themselves for a few years there – Not saying that the bootcamp model uses poor trainers, there are some great ones, just that the bootcamp model made it possible for a lot of not very good and average fitpros to cash in. I still believe the ‘long game’ belongs to the profession)

(2008) I believe that there is a HUGE difference between a client and a customer. A customer is one who enters into a transaction whereas a client is one who is under the care of another. This means that a coach should be caring about their clients and their goals OUTSIDE of the sessions, not just when they are paid to do so.

(Another growth area, the care of my clients outside of ‘duty hours’ has increased more than ever with a far greater emphasis on experience rather than results. We still get results of course, very good ones, but we understand that clients come for the results but stay for the overall experience. So we give them a great one!)

(2008) I believe it is our responsibility to be the most qualified, most experienced and most excellent coaches we can possibly be and that this means developing our incomes to levels that are as high as the market will allow. I think we serve no-one by selling our lives by the hour for minimal rates and further, that those who follow the instructions of the higher paid experts ALWAYS get better results as they tend to adhere to directions.

(I now command fees of £200 per coaching session, £17,000 a week for 1:1 residential and £35,000 for 90 day transformation packages, showing that this belief has strengthened. Of course, my result and experiences come as a result of my education and application of knowledge, reinforcing the idea that those who can learn AND apply are in a great position to benefit)

(2008) I believe that charging high fees does not involve ‘selling out’ and abandoning ‘the public’. One can still impact upon the lives of others through clinics, articles and the sharing of information. The question to ask is “How many people around the world will listen to me whilst I’m a struggling trainer compared to when I’m a super-successful, high paid trainer?” Get more successful and you have a greater impact.

(I spend more time than any other ‘higher profile’ coach I know giving back to both my profession and to the public at large without asking for money for my own products or ‘my good friend’ affiliate sales every 30 seconds. I can do so because the money I earn for my expertise allows me the freedom to do so. Struggling for money serves no-one if you have no time to think about anything except paying the bills)

(2008) I believe that true success comes from living a life of passion and, more important, purpose and that those who feel a purpose to their work will always achieve more than those who simply want to earn more money.

(I’ve always has passion, yet the last 4 years have seriously grown in purpose for me. I WILL change the world by my being here, of that I have no doubt. In fact, I think I already have and look forward to my next development to allow me to do even more)

(2008) I believe that money is good. Get as much as you can and spend it on things that make you feel better about yourself and your life.

(The modern world doesn’t take its lead from those who struggle but those who succeed. The trick is to succeed without making money your aim, but rather the tool by which you demonstrate to yourself the ability to create your life as you dream it. A GREAT lesson for any coach to learn and teach, no?

As for me, I’d love wheelbarrow loads of cash in my life, but all of it through service. My ultimate financial aim is to earn so much money that I can give my family an amazing life while giving away 95% of what I earn)

(2008) I believe that there are 2 ways to go through life. The hard way and the smart way. The hard way involves focusing on money and crying because you don’t have enough or on being passionate about a message and crying because no-one wants to hear it. The smart way involves focusing on service and sharing your message with those who are ready and want to hear it. When you do, those who like your message will pay you to hear more :)

(In the last 4 years I’ve still worked hard, yet I’ve definitely worked smart too. MUCH smarter than ever before)

(2008) I believe that what you have is a direct result of what you have given up to that point. If you don’t feel you have enough then, no matter how you feel about things, you haven’t given enough. Give more!

(Since 2008 I’ve given away over 150,000 copies of the Elimination Diet directly  (at least twice that indirectly through other coaches), educated thousands of trainers worldwide, spoken at numerous seminars, interviews, delivered over a thousand blog posts in my various sites and much, much more. Giving is THE largest part of my business strategy)

(2008) I believe that you cannot give what you don’t have and that to try is a kind of fraud. Don’t talk to others about success if you don’t feel successful. Don’t talk to clients about lifestyle if yours is all over the place. Don’t tell people about establishing new habits if you can’t establish them yourself. Don’t tell people about the importance of good nutrition if yours is poor. 

(Since 2008 I’ve been all about bringing out the greatness in others and so I’ve been working both hard and smart on developing my own sense of greatness. Not in an arrogant way, but because I truly believe in leadership by example and in having an abundance of what you wish to give to others.

If something’s not working, I fix it.

If I’m lacking something, I get it.

My ‘life bank account’ needs to be full for all the spending I want to engage in during my life)
I could go on but I think you get my drift.

This isn’t some kind of marketing message. I have no ulterior motive in sharing but to lay it out there so that others don’t have to guess about me or what I believe. now you know and you can take it or leave it : )

Now, my challenge to you!

What do you think would happen if you did this on YOUR blog or shared your true beliefs in YOUR newsletter?

Do you think it would make any difference?

Do you think it would tell a better ‘story’ of who you are?

Do you think it would bring you closer to those who you’re trying to share your message with?

If you think so, I challenge you to do exactly as I’ve done here. Post your beliefs and watch the ripple effect take place in your business… and your life!

Go on, I dare ya!

Dax Moy

P.S – Don’t forget to comment here… and tell me if you’ll be posting to your blog. I’d love to read it :)


Dax Moy is one pretty strange dude. Part philosopher, part poet, part high-level health coach, part author, part presenter and part fitness business success coach and COMPLETELY bonkers and head over heels in love with the idea of making the fitness industry into a fitness PROFESSION. Join Dax’s Facebook group of other bonkers fitpros who are making a difference over today. You’ll LOVE the great community we’ve built there!
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