Dax Moy’s Fitness Business Rescue Plan

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Dax Moy’s Fitness Business Rescue Plan

It happens to a LOT of fitness businesses.

Things start out hopeful, fun and pleasant and before long, they turn into what feels like a hopeless hard slog, a veritable ‘groundhog day’ of struggle and frustration without end.

You find yourself working longer and longer hours, getting more and more stressed and having less and less of a life outside of work and, even if you’re earning more money, you rarely get the chance or the inclination to slow down, take a breath and enjoy it.

Sound familiar?

This is the story I’ve been hearing from a LOT of fitpros for some time now, all of whom have told me that it feels like they’re simply collapsing under the ever-growing pile of ‘to do’ list items that never seem to get done and that, even when a few of them do, they never seem to make much difference to their businesses or their lives.

“I feel like I’m drowning!” they tell me.

Drowning, huh?

Well, ask any lifeguard what happens when someone drowns and they’ll tell you that they need CPR, a breath of fresh air to get them going again.

So THAT’s what I’ve created with my Fitness Business Rescue Plan!

For those who are serious about getting a breath of fresh air into their business and their life, I’ve created a simple system of 1/2 day and full day interventions where I’ll work personally, 1:1 with fitpros to CPR their businesses and turn them around so that they’re running more efficiently, more effectively (the 2 are not the same), more profitably and, perhaps most important, in a way that generates the greatest amount of fun and freedom.

In other words, I’ll spend up to a full day treating your business like it’s my own (in other words, no secrets held back) where I’ll not only bring it back to life, but make it healthier than it was before.

 Sounds good, right?

So, who’s this Fitness Business Rescue Plan for?

Well, it’s for any fitpro who:

  • Is working stupidly long hours but feels like they’re getting little of importance done
  • Is struggling to tell their story effectively and are losing clients and opportunities as a result
  • Is unclear about how to make their business operate more profitably and with less struggle and hassle
  • Is unhappy about the direction their business is heading
  • Is feeling overwhelm, lack of focus and like they’re a slave to their business

Because each business is different, it’s hard to say exactly what constitutes a rescue plan, after all, no two businesses are the same, but all interventions will focus on gaining clarity, direction, focus, priority identification and designing a lifestyle business as well as helping you to identify and implement a focused marketing strategy that’ll have your phones ringing and your bank account filling faster and easier than ever.

I’m not planning on doing a whole lot of these however (no, this isn’t a scarcity ploy, I’m serious as I only have so much time for this) and so will limit it to 2-3 days per month maximum, so those who are serious about receiving a fitness business rescue shouldn’t hang around.

The Cost?

As you might expect, having my sole attention focused on your business for an entire day isn’t going to be cheap but then, it should be seen as a major investment in your success rather than a cost anyway.

I’m probably supposed to create a whole value proposition around my price but if you know me already then you’ll know what I’m about and what I’m capable of and is you don’t know me then it doesn’t matter… you should save your money til you do.

So the price?

It’s £1000 for 1/2 day and £2000 for a full day.

And to avoid tyre kicking of any kind, here’s how it’ll play out.

Those who are SERIOUS about working with me will pay £100 for a telephone interview with me to see if we’re a good fit for each other. If after the interview I feel you’re not a good fit for the rescue plan, you’ll be refunded the full £100 fee immediately (like, right after the call) and you can go on your merry way. If you ARE a good fit, I’ll deduct the £100 from your full day or half day fees.

Sound fair enough?

I’m taking this measure to make sure I dont give away days of my life to people that don’t intend to use what I share with them. I’m only interested in win-win situations and NOT just in making money from those who already have little of it to spare.


If this sounds like something you want, need and can afford, just click on the button below, pay your £100 and I’ll jack up a call with you as soon as humanly possible.


Note to overseas fitpros: YES, I can still offer this though, of course, it’ll be done by skype and screenshare technology rather than in my physical presence. 
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