Dax’s Fitness Business Coaching Program

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Dax’s Fitness Business Coaching Program

If you’re looking for one of those fitness business coaching programs where 20 people get on a call, listen to the coach present then do a little Q and A before going your own way and applying the coaching concepts to your own business then this new coaching program I’m offering this year is NOT going to be for you.

I’ve done that kind of coaching over the last few years and, frankly, it’s not for me.

Oh, it makes me (and the other coaches that use this setup) a lot of money (after all, spending 2 hours a week on 20 people can be VERY lucrative) but I’ve just fallen out of love with this method of business coaching… for several reasons.

First, I’ve come to find that there are 3 types of people who use coaching in this way.

  • Those that want to get in and get on.
  • Those that like it ‘fit it around’ their lives.
  • Those who want to be part of something yet who really don’t intend to apply much of what they learn.

I’m not knocking any of them. In fact, I love all of my students but as a coach I was and am often frustrated by the coaching programs I run as the ‘get in and get on’ people rarely want to ‘go deep’ and do the work that matters, the ‘fit it in’ crowd often are unable to do so and take forever to get even the simplest tasks complete and the ‘part of something’ crowd often simply want to pretend that they’re doing everything within their power to bring about change while not really doing much at all.

And even those in the ‘get in and get on’ crowd who DO want to go deep are often held back by the other group members who are happy to work at a more sedate pace.

And I struggle more than THEY do!

See, I realised recently (I can’t believe it took me so long) that just as I’m passionately in love with 1:1 coaching with my health and fitness clients and wouldn’t dream of doing bootcamp (no offence intended if that’s YOUR passion, it’s just that it’s not mine), I really have no business doing group business coaching if I want to help people get the best possible results in the long term.

I need to go deep, work with the person not just the program, with the systematisation of THEIR business not just the syllabus of mine.

So I’m going ‘old school’ back to where I started out as a business coach and mentor and committing to working with just 6 coaches on an individual 1:1 basis for 6 months. No group calls, no group assignments, no mastermind calls (unless you students really want to connect but that’ll be between you guys) just an honest-to-goodness 6 months of guidance from yours truly while I help you to create both your life and your business in the greatest version of the grandest vision you hold of what they could become.

Let me be honest though, this is not going to be a ‘rapid assault’ on building your business.

If your aim is to get the phones ringing white hot and off the hook over the next 8 weeks then I’m probably going to disappoint you. In fact, I don’t intend to do ANY of the typical ‘client attraction’ stuff for the first 6 weeks or so. No salesletters, website building, search engine optimisation or anything that you typically expect on a business growth program.

That’s doesn’t interest me, doesn’t do you any good in the long term and, quite frankly, doesn’t work.

I mean, let’s face it, most of that stuff can be bought in books on Amazon for a fraction of what I and the other fitness business coaches you’ve heard of charge for our time… yet you’re still not DOING it and even if you are, it’s not working, is it?

So I’ll be starting with something that few coaches start with.

I’ll be starting with YOU!

And I don’t just mean the good old ‘ideal day’ exercise we’ve all heard of. Yes, the ideal day is great and we DO do it during the program but there’s more to creating a great business and a great life than wishing for an ideal day then having it materialise, right?

So we’ll do the work that few people are willing to do.

We’ll go deep.

We’ll find out your true gifts, talents, skills, abilities, passion, purpose and unique blend of personal factors that can and will make your approach to your work and your life a true gift to both yourself and others.

Only once we help you to find out who you are and who you’re committed to becoming will we start to look at the magic that lies within your business concept (and if you don’t have a true business concept I’ll help you to discover it) and to gain clarity on what your business purpose is, what it will deliver and how you will deliver it to build an amazingly unique experience for your clients in a way that Wow’s them from the start.

Once we define it we’ll refine so that every single part of what you build is systematised (but in a human way rather than a McDonalds ‘machine’ format) and then ensure that you can align with it and walk your talk based upon your own unique standards all the time so that you own your business (and everything about it) rather than it owning you.

That means that EVERYTHING in your business will be systematised from how you advertise to how you take enquiries to how you answer the phones, do consultations, carry out assessments, design programs, deliver the workouts (and every individual component of each workout), deliver nutrition and supplemental advice, set goals, capture leads, write articles, produce youtubes and much, much more.

But here’s the big difference…

You WON’T be looking and sounding like ANYONE ELSE in the world. You’ll look, sound and perform in your business like the unique person with unique heart and soul and spirit and power and purpose that you really are, and you’ll deliver predicable, reproducible yet powerfully unique experiences for your clients that will be impossible to copy.

But look, I won’t lie to you. This is going to require work. A LOT of work.

I don’t mean a soul-destroying amount but if you’re not willing to work smart AND hard on your business for 10.5 hours a week across the course of the 12 months then this simply won’t work for you and, to be honest, I don’t WANT to work with you. I don’t mean that in a crappy way, just that I value my time and I want to only give it to those who are going to value theirs too.

So if 90 minutes a day every day sounds like too much then this won’t be a good fit.

If I haven’t scared you off yet then there’s even more good news.

This is not cheap. It’s not one of those things that are a couple of hundred dollars to get involved in. This is a big investment… but if you use it right the return on it is huge, of course.

There’s no build-up, none of that ‘if you hired me by the hour’ ‘building-perceived-value crap.

And there’s no bonuses either, none of the ‘sign up today and get $500,000 in bonuses’ rubbish.

You simply get me, my knowledge, my expertise, my insight, my pushing, poking, prodding and holding you accountable as you build a business that serves both you and your clients in extraordinary ways.

You get pretty much unlimited access to me for a full 12 months while we build the greatest version of the grandest vision you hold of a business that makes you money while at the same time gives you the freedom (both financial and psychological) to walk away from it easily and enjoy the fruits of your labour with the people you love the most in the places you love the most rather than slaving your guts out 24/7.

We’ll have AT LEAST 1 scheduled call a week (but as many as necessary) to lay out a direction, a task list, a focused plan of action and we’ll communicate via email, skype or whatever is deemed necessary to get you to where you need to go.


I’m not giving you unlimited access to call me up, chit chat, complain about why you haven’t done what you agreed to do or any of the stuff that passes for coaching these days.

You’ll get assignments, you’ll complete them (or ask for advice on where you’re stuck) and then we’ll schedule the next call. If you piss around for 2 weeks on a task then you won’t have a call for 2 weeks. If you complete it in 24 hours then I’ll talk with you tomorrow and tell you what to do next. Simple.

So how much is the investment?


US$10,000 or US$1000 a month


No, it’s not cheap but then, like most of the things I do, there’s nothing like this out there… as you’ll see if you come onboard.

I could make all kinds of promises about amounts of ROI you’ll attain, but I simply don’t know. I’ve had people double, triple, quadruple their incomes in the first year and others who’ve gone on to earn 10 times the amount per year as a result of what they’ve learned with me but I don’t know how well YOU will do as I don’t know what you’re willing to do to make this work for you.

I can promise you that if you give it your best, I mean your 100% no-holding-back best that you’ll not only make a significant change and improvement to your income, but you’ll gain a HUGE sense of pride, accomplishment and, perhaps most important, FREEDOM as a result of our time together.

No boasting, no hype, just fact.

But I’m not just taking anyone with a wallet and a pulse and the willingness to spend $10,000 with me. This is a ‘by invitation only’ deal. No, I mean a genuine one, not one of those B.S ones where everyone who applies gets in.

I have 12 places available and maybe they’ll ALL fill with great people right away and maybe only 1 person will fit the bill and 11 will be be turned away. I have no need to fill them all. I’d rather have a GREAT 12 months with one person than a 12 month headache with 12.

That’s not meant to be arrogant and conceited, just practicing what I preach; that YOU inspect, select and even reject those people you want to work with in YOUR business and that you ‘guard the gateway’ with extreme prejudice if you want to start and finish every day with a huge smile on your face and in your heart.

So look, I think I’m supposed to do the whole ‘death by testimonial’ thing here, I’m sure, but if you know me then it’s not necessary as you’ll know that most of the ‘big names’ in the UK (and many well known trainers from the states and Europe) have coached ¬†with me and if you don’t then, well, no amount of testimonials will persuade you to give me $10,000 anyway, right? :)

Let me leave it at that and if you’re still obsessed with testimonials then I can put you in touch with my previous students personally, ok?

So what’s next?

If you’re still interested after readin the most UN salesletter I’ve ever written then you need to fill in the application form HERE and email it back to me at daxmoypts [at] aol.com and we’ll take it from there.

If not, then thanks for reading and I sincerely wish you well.

Truth, joy and love


P.S – Only you know if you’re ready. If you’re not then chill. Don’t invest in this program if you won’t or can’t use it as it’s intended. I don’t want money from someone who hasn’t benefitted from working with me…


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