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Fitness Marketing Made Simple – Deepest Or Cheapest?

Fitness marketing isn’t as complex as many people would have you believe.

Like I’ve said numerous times, it all lies in the stories we tell about our businesses and, when it comes down to it, there are really only 2 stories to share. All others are merely offshoots of these 2.


Story 1 is what I call ‘Deepest’.

It’s about the depths you’ll dig to find the answers to your clients’ struggles and suffering. The ‘extra mile’ aspects that demonstrate that you really and truly care about them in ways that few others do.

It’s the story of how you’ll leave no stone unturned, find no task too big and no request for help too much for you to serve.

It’s the story of ‘I understand you, your fears, your frustrations and your dreams and desires and I’m here to make sure that the fears and frustrations disappear and that the dreams and desires become reality for you’.

It’s a great story.

A story that makes you stand out from everyone else to make you, quite literally, outstanding and take you outside of the competitive arena.


Story 2 is called ‘Cheapest’.


Can you guess what this one is about?

It’s about extending your reach, allowing more people into your circle of influence and saying ‘I happier serving more people less deeply’ and being content with the fact that you may never make the huge impact that those telling the story of Deep but that because of you, many, many more people will have their lives changed even in some small way.

It’s neither good nor bad. It just is.

But it DOES mean that you’re now in the competitive arena along with all of the other ‘Cheapest’ storytellers. It also means that the only way to truly stand out is to be THE cheapest which is not always the best for either your business or your personal energy.

Serving a large volume of people for a small amount of money means that you have to work more and, of course, experience more fatigue and chance of burnout.

But still, it’s a viable business model. Many businesses in different niches have reached billion dollar profits by being the cheapest so we know it works.

But they tend to sell commodities, not services.

They tend to sell things, not time and personal energy.

I’m happiest with being the Deepest. It suits me, suits my nature and suits what I believe to be the role of a modern professional coach. It also suits my bank balance as the story of Deepest tends to earn far greater royalties for far less working hours.

But you get to decide for yourself, are you going to be Deepest or Cheapest?

Commit to one.

Avoid the middle ground. It’s a grey wasteland where you’re neither one thing nor the other.

Deepest or cheapest? You decide!

Truth, joy and love





Dax Moy is one pretty strange dude. Part philosopher, part poet, part high-level health coach, part author, part presenter and part fitness business success coach and COMPLETELY bonkers and head over heels in love with the idea of making the fitness industry into a fitness PROFESSION. Join Dax’s Facebook group of other bonkers fitpros who are making a difference over today. You’ll LOVE the great community we’ve built there!
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