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Fitness Marketing Made Simple – “Nobody Does That!!”

fitness marketing made simpleOne of the biggest problems with marketing a fitness business these days is that, well, EVERYBODY seems to be offering EXACTLY what you’re offering, right?

I mean, sure, the fitness marketing Guru’s tell you that you’re supposed to create a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for your business to make it stand out from your competitors but they always seem to forget that the word ‘unique’ means ‘one of a kind’ and that fitness businesses tend to be anything but one of a kind.

After all, a pushup is a pushup is a pushup. A squat is a squat is a squat. Circuits are circuits, Tabata’s are Tabata’s and no sooner than a  kettlebell, an Indian club or a Vipr turns up on the scene to make your training just a little different (if not truly unique) does every man and his dog find out about it, attends the same course you did and now starts offering the exact same training protocols that you were using to make you ‘stand out’ from everyone else who was trying to get their hooks into your prospective clients.

And the realms of your nutritional advice fare no better either.

You decide that nutrition is more than calories in vs calories out and learn about metabolic typing and your competition does the same. You learn about fasting protocols and suddenly THEIR blogs are talking about the importance of fasting. You lean about hormone balancing and they too are biosignature and supplement experts almost before you can blink.

And what about your Magnetic Marketing Message (MMM)? In all likelihood it fares no better.

You offer ‘drop a dress size in 6 weeks’ and so does the bootcamp down the road. You cut it to 4 weeks and so do they. You add a money back guarantee and suddenly they become the areas ‘only results-guaranteed trainer/bootcamp/class’.

It’s tough to stand out, isn’t it?

For some people it’s bloody tough!

I mean, if the key component out creating a successful business is, as the maketing experts all claim, to stand out from your competitors and everyone around you is essentially doing the same then how the hell are you supposed to stand out?

I know all too well how tough it can be to keep the U in my Unique.

After all, as a fitness business coach and mentor to students all around the world, I tend to share my very best ideas with my student to (usually) apply them very successfully to their own fitness businesses (which I’m over the moon about) and rendering my own approaches to my business no longer unique… well, kind of.

The truth is, my own approach to my business is ALWAYS unique and ALWAYS pretty much untouchable in the marketing arena even if people are using EXACTLY what I’ve taught them to use.


Because my business is not built on trends and fads and popular methods, but rather it’s built around Three things that are almost impossible to copy and, even if they are, will be IMPOSSIBLE to carry off with any degree of success.

What are these 3 things?

1. MY values system

2. MY personal purpose

3. MY Unique Delivery System (UDS)


My Unique Values System

If you want to stand out as Unique then you’ve simply GOT to use your own personal values system as the basis of your business concept.

If you believe that something should ALWAYS be done then it should ALWAYS be done, no if’s, no buts.

If you believe something should NEVER be done then it should never, ever, ever show up in ANY element of your business, no matter if everyone else saying it’s profitable and no matter if they say you’re a bloody idiot for not doing it.

Values are, let’s face it, valuable!

The reason why is obvious. No-one, and I mean NO-ONE, shares your exact, unique combination of values and so if you stick to them, refuse to EVER compromise on them then you will ALWAYS by definition remain unique… and unique is valuable.

In practice this means that if your passion is 1:1 and you ‘sell out’ to do bootcamps then you’re compromising your values and losing your U.

In my case, I simply don’t believe that bootcamps are the best way to facilitate long-term change and life-improvement. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t deny that they can get equal (and in some cases SUPERIOR fitness and fatloss results) but I don’t think that fatloss and fitness is my ‘real work’ (I’ll tell you more about that in a minute) and so, because pure fitness and fatloss are not the main thrust of my values and lifestyle change is, I don’t believe that bootcamps or even semi private training is the way to go if I’m to deliver a truly outstanding service to my clientele.

My own values include the belief that people are unique, that they come to my company with unique problems that need unique solutions that are ‘made to measure’ them and their individual lifestyles rather than taking ‘off the peg’ or ‘one size fits all’ approaches.

They also include the belief that the real work of a coach is the work that takes place inside of the clients head rather than in their body and so I can’t connect to the idea of delivering ‘just a workout’. It’s not what I’m about, not what I believe in and not what I’d ever be happy ‘selling’. So I don’t.

(Note: Don’t get your panties in a twist, I’m not saying that your work or your modus operandi is without value to you, it’s just not what I believe is MY Raison d’être)


My Unique Purpose

If you truly want to stand out you have to take your values to the next step and build your business around your purpose.

By that I mean the ‘reason why you are here’.

Do you know it?

Few people have taken the time to really think this through, let alone build it into their business and have it shine through their business philosophy and principles.

Do you?

Have you made sure that your business concept is in direct alignment with who you want to be in life and where you want to end up? If not, chances are you’re not doing the work required to guarantee your uniqueness in the marketplace in which you currently operate and are costing yourself a large proportion of your potential success and happiness.

I figured this out years ago when I realised that the game of ‘chase me!’ marketing that most of the industry was engaged in was a surefire way to end up playing the game of life by someone else’s rulebook and that it could only lead to frustration, disappointment and years and years and years of flippin’ hard work.

So I did the work that few people ever do…

…I uncovered my life’s purpose.

And since then, I’ve never looked back.

What was it?

Well, it’s a work in progress and has grown and developed (though never truly changed) since I remembered it and it guides EVERY article I write, every product I create, every project I begin and every relationship I enter into.

It’s ‘To define, refine and align with the greatest version of the grandest vision I hold of who I can be in life and to help others to do the same” and because I know that this is ‘what I’m about’ I can use it as a yardstick against everything I do or am contemplating doing.

If I’m not doing something that fits that purpose statement then I’m not ‘on purpose’ and am, effectively, wasting my time and my life (yes, I feel that strongly about it).

So you’ll find me on FB and Twitter and Ning and with my team and with my products and with my clients working in ways that make put this purpose at the centre of all of my activities and rarely doing much else.

For this reason, my business operates around a coaching model that is very spiritual, very cerebral and includes systems of nutrition, exercise, lifestyle engineering etc that bring people to their greatest and grandest visions of themselves.

I don’t believe that exercise can do this, no matter how tough or how well thought out. I believe exercise is simply a tool but that it’s the weakest tool in the toolbox and that the mind and spirit connection far outperforms what exercise and diet can accomplish and so my business is built around these concepts rather than around the ‘move more and eat less’ model that most trainers are still using.


My Unique Delivery System

Ask your average trainer or coach about their UDS and they’ll answer “huh??”

Truly, most trainers have nothing about the delivery of their workouts and nutrition that can honestly classify as unique and so they’re pretty much screwed when it comes to being outstanding, in literally standing out from the rest of their market competition.

Shame though, because it’s SO easy to create a UDS that no-one, not a single person in the world can touch or compete with.

In my case, my UDS is called ‘The POWER Principles’ and lays out the ‘full story’ of what I and my team actually DO to deliver upon our purpose statement. The POWER Principles are a trademarked system, but they’re much more than a cute name that stands out from others’, and instead represent the actual step-by-step approach we take to helping our clients, define, refine and align with their greatest version of their grandest vision.

The POWER Principles are also our ‘Nobody does that!’ declaration of our commitment to excellence.

When I first got my ‘lightbulb moment’ over the POWER Principles, I noted that SOME people did SOME of the stuff that I was proposing but that NOBODY was taking the time or making the effort to do it all and that, even if they copied me outright, would only ever be able to pull it off as a successful business concept if they shared the same values and purpose as me and, without them, would never come close.

The freedom and the peace of mind this created has been immense… as has been the income and profits.

That’s not bragging, that’s just a matter of fact.

People will pay more for unique.

People DO pay more for unique.

At £200 an hour as a coach and £17,000 a week for my residential program, and as a trainer who gets 16 pages in Mens Health and 4 pages in Grazia (when Brad and Angelina only got 2 pages in the same issue) I’m reminded again and again that this is only possible because I took the time and made the effort to build my business around systems that allowed me to work ONLY within the bounds of my values and life purpose.

And in all my time of working as a coach an educator and a mentor I’ve rarely seen anyone who does this as an integral part of their overall business strategy.

Trainers tend to chase the ‘what will fill my diary fastest?’, quick-fix, tactical ‘stuff’ but seem loathe to do the ‘deep’ work that really counts when it comes to long term success. Tactics never win out over strategy. You can fill your diary today and still end up with a struggling business next month.

The only real answer to this is to build a business where you can, hand on heart, say “nobody does that!” because you’ve built the business around those things that make you unique.

Or, of course, you can continue to ask “what is everyone else doing?” and try your luck.

What makes the most sense to you?

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy


Dax Moy is one pretty strange dude. Part philosopher, part poet, part high-level health coach, part author, part presenter and part fitness business success coach and COMPLETELY bonkers and head over heels in love with the idea of making the fitness industry into a fitness PROFESSION. Join Dax’s Facebook group of other bonkers fitpros who are making a difference over today. You’ll LOVE the great community we’ve built there!

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