Releasing The Brakes 2013

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Releasing The Brakes 2013

I know, I know, I’m supposed to do a whole sales number here but the truth is, I don’t want to.

Quite simply, a few weeks ago I had a private Facebook conversation with someone who said “You know, what would help me most would be if someone could grab me by the scruff of the next on January first and tell me EXACTLY what I needed to do to get 2013 off to a brilliant start” and it got me thinking…

I though ‘fitpros aren’t struggling because they don’t know what to do or how to do it, they’re struggling because they simply get distracted, unfocused and unclear and let life get in the way and, before they know it it’s December and another year has flown by… and with it their goals.

The truth is, most fitpros seem to be playing a game of fitness business snakes and ladders, moving forward 5 spaces only to find themselves sliding back 6, all the while getting tired, stressed and burned out.

So I asked myself how they could avoid that and make the year a BRILLIANT one right from the get-go and figured that all it would take would be someone to help them to first identify the brakes then to help them release them so that they could roar out of the grid with greater ease in the New Year.

I also figured that if I could help them to PLAN AN ENTIRE YEAR of content and marketing strategies so that every single month they had a ‘do this then do this strategy’ to follow that there would be no way on earth that they could fail to make decent progress.

So I decided that I’d do it, I’d make 2013’s fitness marketing process so ridiculously obvious that it would be impossible to lose their way… even if they tried!


On Saturday 5th Jan From 9am to 5pm I’m Inviting Up To 100 SERIOUS Fitness Professionals To Come Spend The Day With Me and Have Their Entire 2013 Marketing Strategy Handed To Them On A Plate


I’m talking a ridiculous amount of red-hot strategies and tactics designed to get the phones ringing and your wallets bulging without having to worry about how to make it all work for your business. I’ll spill the beans on it all and I’ll even give you a few cool bits of ‘done for you’ stuff too (not a whole year’s worth but some of my flyer and magazine templates will save you THOUSANDS of pounds in graphic design and days of messing around with layouts and fonts etc).

Those of you who have done courses and seminars with me will know that I’m not usually cheap to spend time with but this one day event is going to be a complete steal, starting at just £97 and rising by £20 every 48hours until the event. Truth be told, I only want the £97 but I want to be certain of how many are coming and so am throwing in a little fast-mover incentive to light a fire under your arses.

At £97 this is a complete steal. 1 hour on the phone with me for business mentoring is £300 and you get to spend the whole day listening to my mad ramblings about how to attract a screaming horde of new business in 2013. Not too shabby methinks :)

Anyway, that last sentence already takes me dangerously close to moving toward sales-hype so I’ll simply put it out there ‘as is’ and leave you to make up your mind.

If you want to spend a cosy Saturday in January listening to my mad ramblings about exploding your business in 2013 then click on the big button below and send me your cash :)

(I’m not 100% certain if the event is in my studio or across the road at ‘the Window’ conference centre yet, it will depend on final numbers, but in any event it’s in Islington, London N1 and I’ll announce the exact venue closer to the time)

Get a wriggle on!


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