The 10 Unwritten Laws Of Fitness Business Success

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.

Write down what I believe are, for me at least, the 10 most important things that any fitness professional who’s serious about achieving amazing success in both their business and in life in general.

Obey these 10 unwritten laws and you’re 100% certain to achieve the exceptional during your career in fitness. Fail to do so and…

Law #1: You MUST Love Your Work and Work Your Love

This isn’t just metaphysical mumbo-jumbo as marketing guru Dan Kennedy often states. Working in a profession that you love is a CRITICAL part of achieving true success because, quite simply, you’ll only work long, work hard and continue to produce your very best work if you’re in love with it.

It’s too hard to keep on going at something you hate if it’s ‘just’ for the money. Sure, you may have a big bank account but your life will be crap if you feel no pleasure or fulfillment from your daily efforts.

If you don’t get out of bed on most days feeling like you’re looking forward to the day ahead then quit and find something else that’ll keep the smile on your face.

Law #2: You MUST Be Bloody Good At What You Do

I think it’s ridiculous whenever I hear fitness marketing experts telling the industry that ‘you’re not in the business of fitness, you’re in the business of SELLING fitness’. Come to think of it, I think I was once guilty of spouting that crap too, but it’s just not true and both they and you know it.

Sure, we all have to learn to market our services but that’s not what we’re about. We’re fitness professionals and should concentrate the bulk of our efforts on being bloody good at that. ‘Bloody good’ should be decided by the users of the services you provide based on both the experience and the results you provide rather than just on the hype you’re able to create around it.

If you want to BE a marketer, get an MBA and let some top firm pay you a couple of hundred grand a year for it. If you want to be a fitness professional then make sure you’re as good as you can be before you complain of not earning enough.

Despite what the marketing guru’s claim, few truly great coaches are struggling. Their results speak for themselves and attract all the clients they need.

Law #3: Don’t Try To Lead Until You’ve Outgrown Being A Follower

If you’re not capable of predictably and consistently producing outstanding results in your clients, you don’t have any business in writing an ebook or producing workshops and seminars that position you as a guru or leader.


Leadership doesn’t come that cheap.

The military know this. They know that the best leaders are those who have been the best followers and who have outgrown each rank they’ve attained before being promoted up the ladder.

You’re not a soldier so this promotion doesn’t have to take you years. It can happen quickly, but the principle should still hold.

Earn your stripes. Make sure that you truly know your stuff before you position yourself in the guru mold over anyone else. Fail to do this and you’re guaranteed to fail in whatever endeavors you undertake.

Law #4: Give, Give Then Give Some More

Don’t be a taker.

Takers don’t get known, they don’t get liked and they don’t get trusted. In fact, their reward for going through life with their hand out is the exact opposite.

So give.

Give great service. Give great advice. Give great results. Give a great experience.

Give articles. Give videos. Give free reports and free advice. Give workouts. Give talks. Give free assessments, bootcamps and more.


And your success is assured.

Law #5: Money Can Be Your Goal But Never Your Purpose

We all want to be wealthy and experience abundance. We all want the cars, the houses and the vacations we dream of to fall into our laps and we’re all 100% entitled to have that happen as the result of the service we give in return for those things.

No-one need ever feel bad about becoming financially successful and, in fact, we should all have as our goals some exciting and challenging financial targets to attain during our lives. They keep things interesting, exciting and focused.


Life shouldn’t be ABOUT making money. Money is not the purpose of your life’s work, it’s a by-product. Remember that. Use money for the things you want from life, don’t let money hypnotise and use you.

Law #6: Grow or Get Out

This is true of everything from business to relationships and everything in between.

Give 100% of yourself to what you’re doing and commit to continually growing in your knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes and your results will grow in tandem. Fail to do this and you’re choosing to keep things the same as they are now, living a daily ‘groundhog day’ over and over again.

Don’t do it to yourself.

Law #7: Stop Doing The Grunt Work As Soon As You Can

You never set out to be a web designer, SEO guru, graphics editor, copywriter, adwords advertiser or any of the other stuff you probably find yourself on a day to day basis at the moment did you?

You got into the fitness profession because you love helping people and seeing them achieve their goals.

Right now you probably have to do a fair bit of this other ‘stuff’ because you’re not earning the money you feel you need to be earning in order to live the life of your dreams but understand this; you’ll NEVER earn that money as long as you’re diluting your true passions and skills by doing all this other stuff.

Learn it then let it go as soon as you can.

Use whatever profits you make in other areas of your business to outsource everything that you’re not truly excellent at or passionate about and get back to doing what you do best.

Remember, jack of all trades, master of?

Law #8: Leverage Yourself And Your Skills As Soon As You’re Able

If you’re already following the first 7 rules you’re more passionate, more focused and more educated than the bulk of the fitness profession. This means that you’re already getting great results for your clients on a consistent and reproducible basis.

Now leverage that.

Write up your system and train someone else to deliver it. Create that ebook (yes, now’s a good time!), create an online program that shares your knowledge with people around the world. Do any of these things or all of them but do something to remove the burden of delivery from you alone.

The reason is simple.

If it’s 100% dependent upon your physical presence you don’t truly have a business. You have a job, no matter how well paid.

If you take a vacation or get sick or just want to have a lie in tomorrow morning then you earn nothing. Leverage yourself and your knowledge and skills and money hits your account regardless of where you are or what you’re doing.

Don’t delay on this. As soon as you’re getting remarkable results, leverage yourself.

Law #9: Learn From The Best To Be The Best

You know the old saying “you pay peanuts, you get monkeys” right?

All the more reason why you should seek out the best people in the world at what they do and pay them whatever they ask to accelerate your learning in whatever skillset they’re masters of.

In the last 3 years I’ve spent over $100,000 on mentoring, coaching, consulting, private seminars and workshops and purchasing high-end products that have dramatically changed the way I work and the results I’ve attained both for my clients and my business. That money has been worth every single penny and has come back to me over and over again.

The same will happen for you when you stop attending the low level industry events and start investing your money with experts. Just one hour with someone who truly knows their stuff is worth weeks, months or even years with those who know less.

Sure, not everyone has $100,000 to spend, I appreciate that, but don’t be stingy when it comes to your education. It’s a false economy that will bite you in the arse if you don’t outgrow the habit.

Education is an investment that always yields a profit. That being the case, your aim should be to spend the largest number you can afford on it in order to reap the largest possible return.

Law #10: Listen To No One and Believe Nothing (Even From Me) Unless It Agrees With Your Own Reason and Common Sense

Yes, I know that comes from a Buddha quote but nonetheless it’s 100% true.

Everyone (myself included) has their own agenda for everything they do, even if that agenda is a positive one.

Everyone is trying to get you to buy into their products, their services, their ideas, their philosophies and yes, you should open yourself to learning something from them all, but not at the expense of losing yourself in the process.

The most important questions you can ask about any new idea you come across are “does this work?” and “can I make this work?”

If you can answer yes to both then go ahead and test out the ideas in your ‘real life’ to see how they perform before you make up your mind about them.

If you answer no then no matter who or what the source, give it a miss.

Adopt the Bruce Lee methods of assimilating only what works and discarding the rest then make those new philosophies uniquely your own in the way you deliver them.

Whatever you do though, don’t follow the ‘my guru can beat up your guru’ chain of thought that most people seem content to follow. It’ll get you nowhere… fast!

BONUS Law #11: Deliver 20 Times More Service Than The Cost Of The Investment You’re Asking Your Clients To Make… And As Much Of It As Possible BEFORE They Spend Cash With You

It’s become cliche to say that you should deliver 10 times more so why not go the whole hog and look at delivering 20x? That’s what I try to do.

More than that, I try to deliver as much of that IN ADVANCE before I ever ask the person to spend money with with on one of my products or services. Show the value in advance and money is NEVER an issue, even if, like me, you’re MUCH more expensive than your competition. People will pay more when they have proof than they will for something they’re being asked to gamble on.

Twenty times investment isn’t hard to do. Nor is serving people in advance. Yet few do it.

Will you?

Well, there you have it. My 10 Unwritten Laws Of Fitness Business Success in all their biased, brash and contrarian glory : )

I know they’ll go against a lot of what the popular marketing guru’s are teaching and I concede that I may be completely wrong. You’ll have to decide upon that for yourself : )

I’m not saying that marketing is unimportant. Far from it, it’s an absolutely vital part of creating something truly special from your ideas but I promise you, without ever adding another marketing skill to your current skillset, these 10 laws, if followed, can and will completely change the way that your business operates and the rewards you get from it.

Get this right and the addition of specific marketing skills will create a dramatic impact. Get it wrong and even the best marketing won’t help you… as many fitpros have found to their detriment.

To your success!

Dax Moy


Dax Moy is a pretty cool dude. Part philosopher, part poet, part high-level health coach, part author, part presenter and part fitness business success coach and COMPLETELY bonkers and head over heels in love with the idea of making the fitness industry into a fitness PROFESSION. Join Dax’s Facebook group of other bonkers fitpros who are making a difference over at today. You’ll LOVE the great community we’ve built there!
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