The Six Simple Truths That Create Fitness Business Marketing Success… Or Failure!

There isn’t a heck of a lot about fitness business marketing that’s really that tough.

It seems that way at times, for sure, yet the truth is that when it seems tough to get results it’s because the wrong strategy is being used.

If your clients want to get slimmer and lighter and yet they continue eating a poor quality and high quantity of food then they’ll never achieve their goal. They can talk about how tough it is, but the reality is that the strategy doesn’t match the desired outcome.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Fitness businesses operate from the same place. Struggling = wrong strategy being applied.

Want to know some of the right strategies?

They’re based around some simple marketing truths. Nothing too complicated, in fact they’re pretty simple yet most fitness professionals aren’t using them well at all. Mostly because they can’t deal with the truth about why their businesses are REALLY struggling.

It’s not really what they want to hear.

Do you?

If you’re one of the few who can not only deal with the sometimes painful truth, but who also relishes the opportunity to learn from it then you’re in a GREAT place to adapt and change and grow.

If not then…

Let’s see if you CAN handle the truth about fitness business marketing


1.  In A Free Market, People Reward The Exceptional

Sure, you can be an exceptional marketer, master your SEO, your PPC and web copywriting and generate some interest in your products and your business but sooner or later you have to deliver on your primary skillset of being a fitness professional.

All the advertising and market in the world counts for squat if your service and the results you generate with your clients are not exceptional.

Trouble is, most fitness professionals are ‘ok’ at what they do. They do a fair job of serving their clients and getting results but, sadly, few are truly exceptional which is why, of course, few are getting exceptional rewards.

Want to know if your service is poor, ok, great or exceptional? Look at how you’re being rewarded. They’re in direct proportion.

You may very well be good at what you do but are you GREAT? If you were you’d be receiving great results too.

This may be tough to hear for some people but it’s true. If you’re not happy with the rewards you’re getting then pick your game up a few notches and see what happens.


2. Faced with an infinite amount of choices, people pick the market leader

It’s true that being a market leader has a strong element of marketing associated with it but don’t for one minute think that marketing alone can put you on the top spot. It can’t and, even if it could, it wouldn’t be able to keep you there.

Think Apple would sit at the top of the mp3 market if the iPod was crap?

Think Rolls Royce would be at the top of the car market if it didn’t perform?

The truth is, if you’re not truly worthy of the top spot, a great marketing campaign will just help you to fail faster. After all, more people will try your services and walk away disappointed than if you didn’t advertise at all.

Remember that next time you’re bad-mouthing someone at the top of their game. No-one gets a free ride.

People want to work with the best. The sure thing. The guaranteed return on investment. The best possible experience available.

Are YOU that person?

If not, then figure out how you can be… and quick!


3.  Scarcity Creates Value

Yep, another marketing strategy that most fitness marketers are aware of. They’re always pretending that there is a limit to what they’re selling when, all along, they know that they’re going to give their product or service to whoever damned well asks for it.

This is faux-scarcity. A trick tactic that’s as corny as the old “Our server crashed” line that we’ve all come to recognise as the falsehood it is.

The truth is though, REAL scarcity DOES create value.

This is why most fitness professionals are struggling, because what they offer and how they offer it is rarely, if ever, scarce. Their services are almost identical to the services offered by everyone else in their marketplace. They use the same training styles, delivered in the same way at the same price and, of course, their results profile is the same too.

No real scarcity there then!

And because the services are the same, people view them as a commodity and, like all commodities, they expect to pay base-price rather than premium.

Think about how you can add a service, an experience and a result that is scarce in your area and move away from the same-same programs everyone else is running. Scarce puts your services on a completely different level and guarantees that people will be willing to pay more.


4.  If  You can’t be the #1 or #2 in your niche then you must get out

How’s that sit with you?

Does that rub you raw?

Feel a bit extreme?

Ask yourself why.

Why is the idea of really stepping up and playing the game at a much higher level such a problem in your mind? Surely EVERYONE who’s serious and passionate about what they do wants to be the best at it, don’t they? I mean, they want to be THE go-to professionals in their area for what they do… don’t they?

If you’re not sure how to answer that then maybe you’re in the wrong profession.

Being happy with being ‘ok’ is never going to get you to the top. Only the pursuit of excellence at what you do rewards you with the excellent income and the excellent life you most desire.

Ok only gets you… ok.

Choose TODAY to be the top at your game or choose another game.


5.  If You’re not able to work in an exceptional way you must quit and quit right now

Another strong statement but think about it.

If you’re unable to perform the exceptional then the exceptional rewards will never, never, never find you. Are you happy with that prospect?

You shouldn’t be!

No-one should be happy with giving (or receiving) less than they’re capable of. It’s just lazy and it robs you of your passion, your drive and your joy.

Work that’s deliberately less than your best means you’re doomed to fail.

Quit and go find something you love and give that the exceptional instead. You’ll be far happier.


6.  The Problem With Coping is that it NEVER Leads To Exceptional Performance 

Are you just muddling through your fitness business, making it all up as you go along with no plan, strategy or direction? Are you finding yourself on a daily basis just coping with the hassles of running a business and trying to keep your head above water?

There’s your problem right there!

Coping is basically tolerating. It’s putting up with the crap in the hope that one day you’ll get through it whilst, in most cases, doubting you ever will.

Coping is the antithesis of being exceptional. You can’t be both at once.

If your mind is more on how to get through your week than how to provide exceptional service you’re on the road to nowhere. Get off it.

If things are so crap for you that you’re not able to give the exceptional then you’ll never get the exceptional in return.

That doesn’t mean that your business will always be a breeze and that problems won’t present themselves. They will. But if you can’t keep your mind on the exceptional then nothing else matters.

There you have it, six more diamond encrusted rules to success in marketing your fitness business!

Sure, it doesn’t seem like marketing but believe me, it is.

And the most powerful kind.

Don’t let anyone try and persuade you that being successful is about learning SEO, pay per click and copywriting. They’re important tools in your marketing toolkit for sure, but they’re useless if the product you sell is not exceptional.

And remember, the product is you.

It’s your mindset, your outlook, your people skills, your education, your abilities and everything else that relates to being an exceptional ‘on the floor’ fitness professional, NOT your ability to write copy.

You should market and you should be great at it but always remember, you’re not a marketer, you’re a fitness professional.

Be the best fitness professional you can possibly be and learn how to deliver those skills in an exceptional, remarkable and outstanding way and you’ll be sure to receive exceptional, remarkable and outstanding rewards.

Sounds great right? 😉

To your success!



Dax Moy is one pretty strange dude. Part philosopher, part poet, part high-level health coach, part author, part presenter and part fitness business success coach and COMPLETELY bonkers and head over heels in love with the idea of making the fitness industry into a fitness PROFESSION. Join Dax’s Facebook group of other bonkers fitpros who are making a difference over today. You’ll LOVE the great community we’ve built there!
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